Monday, October 15, 2001

When the Going Gets Tough - The Tough Make Tacos

Dear Former Employers:

Despite the present economic conditions and threat of war -- I am fine. I am busy with my new job. I am a tortilla maker at a popular roadside taco stand. My first week was very hectic but the second week has been great.
Grinding the corn is hard; the flour a little easier -- and I am making muscles I never knew I had.

We make the tacos with special holy water that comes from a remote mountainside church miles away. Once a week I get to drive the company car, a 1972 Volkswagen beetle, and replenish the holy water to make the tacos. It has been a very religious experience. I am not sure I have found God yet, but I have found a lot of back country roads I never knew existed.

I am hoping to get promoted to salsa-maker soon. It comes with a 5 cents per hour raise -- and every little bit helps at this time of year.

The weather is changing and I had to move my tent to a lower location -- the nights were just too cold. I figure in a few weeks I will have to buy the heavier sleeping bag as the first snow is imminent. Friends have promised to help build a proper teepee -- but it just sounds so, well -- you know, permanent. Learning to hold my bladder through the night as been a challenge
-- they say bear season will be over soon -- until then, I am getting the hang of it.

That "identifying edible plants" course I took several years ago at the community college as come in very handy -- I am just too tired at night to haul wood, cut it down and start a fire to boil water. Its much easier to eat the acorns, berries and plants that grow not far from my little camp. A little per diem goes a long way up here in the mountains. Trying to do laundry in a dry river bed is a challenge -- but easy on the expense reports.

The mini-bar is empty now. We just don't get enough lightening strikes this time of year to generate the proper amount of electricity. I do feel fortunate though -- as I am not hairdryer dependent. The taco stand uniforms do leave something to be desired -- I promise to never make fun of a golf shirt again. Khaki pants are like formal wear -- all dressed up but no place to go.

Well, I am going to close now. This is my day off and a cold-front is supposed to move in. I have only a few more hours of daylight left to knit a heavier sweater. You know what I always say -- "Estoy Preparado".

Please Send Work!

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