Monday, August 1, 2005

La Dolce Vita??

I have arrived to Torino, my home for the next few months, and all has gone extremely well. Torino is delightfully and surprisingly beautiful -- huge boulevards flushed with trees, miles and miles (ok, kilometers and kilometers) of green, rolling parks that cascasde out from the Po River, lush hills that ring the city and grand alps that rise from the plains just outside the city. My home for the next eight months is a gorgeous turn-of-the century flat in the fashionable La Crocetta area with marble and wood floors, catherderal ceilings, huge French windows and seemingly endless little rooms; I still get lost in it.

I work in the Pier della Francesco complex just outside the city in a sort-of-modernlike-warehouse office situation. Its not quite the little house on the platia that we had in Athens --but I am getting used to it. I have joined two fellow co-workers from Athens and a third that was a mutual friend to us all there. We are also joined by two Torineses who are already proving themselves as lovely hosts to us in their fair city. We are a small little Olympic family --but lots of fun, nevertheless.

My Italian is gaining momentem in the tineist of ways. Everyday seems in include the mastery of yet another verb or important noun. I can now say some of the most important things with the precision of a six year old. Me tired, me go home now, I hungry want eat quicker.

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