Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Fear of Falling Up

What is this fear of falling up we have that keeps our feet planted and our thoughts rooted in that safe spot of earth that will not let us ascend to those places that only our wildest dreams allow? I do not want to dream anymore …I want to do and in my act of doing I want to become again. What separates the dreamer from the doer? Perhaps it is this fear of falling up. I say I have fantasies…but my fantasies are no different than the dreams of those that fear falling down….dreams of the awake but not always the living who anchor themselves steadfast to rock with no means to rise…and… fall….up. I do not want to have the dream anymore – I want to be the dream. Will you take my hand and fall up with me? We will tether ourselves not to safe ground but to each other and create our own safe places up there to explore all the possibilities that falling up together might allow for.

With you, I want to cleave my body off that familiar ground and leap toward the tops of golden aspens and rise above and above and beyond until my reality…my eyes, my heart, my ears, my skin, my mind meets my dreams in that ethereal place and we become one…my dreams and I, your dreams and you, and all that we have in common that can now fill in the empty spaces that the distances between my nights and your days created in those dreaming hours. I will be waiting there on the moon to catch you as you fall up toward your destiny as I know that you will throw a distant star my way to grab and hold on to while I fall up toward my own. With you here now, emerging like some vanquished hero from that grounded place that I call home – it seems my fear of falling up gives way to the all the possibilities that rising higher now, with you, might allow. I am falling up now…and it feels fantastic. Come, fall up with me…
(photo by Daniel Montoya)

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Anonymous said...

It is said that the hearts of enlightended men (and women) keep them tethered to the Earth. It is so that they might help others.

It is also said that such individual find protegees with which htey may share their work, so that when they are free to fly away, they may do so. Remind me to tell you a Buddhist story from a book I own...


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