Friday, July 20, 2007

The Wizard of 35th Street

By Elissa Heyman
Santa Fe

I want to tell you a story a client just told me, I hope he doesn't mind. It's about getting from one place to another, when it is only signs and one's intuition that's pointing one there, and not a rational reason. This happens to quite a few people an inner knowing of a change up ahead, without any info about why or what it leads to. It's frustrating as it's happening from all the stories I've heard, but the ending is usually a much better one than the person has yet imagined for themselves.

My new client was a very normal looking person with a normal job, but who gave off wizard vibes, the way people who've been crystal scientists in Atlantis or masters of some arcane science feel to me even though they're dressed in plaid now. When he was in Hawaii for work recently, a kahuna (medicine man) noticed the same thing, and wanted to spend the week sharing his occult and healing knowledge. Suffice to say, unusual things happened to him, but I notice unusual things happen to everyone when they're for instance, going to change jobs or professions. They start getting signs and omens.

He lived in Santa Fe, and was very glad when he reached the point that he had lived in Santa Fe longer than he'd been stuck in the midwest city he grew up in. But when visiting his family back where he came from, it occurred to him that he was going to be moving back there and living there again. "Tell me it isn't true", he said to his intuition. He told his mother about this revelation, and she said, "Well, what would it take to get you back here? He named an unlikely condition, and sure enough, that condition was met. Then he said to himself, Well, if this other thing happens, then I'll move back home, and that other thing happened. On his next visit back home, a house came for sale in the only place he wanted to live, on the one day he had to look at real estate, and he bought it on the spot. Finally, at the airport on another trip to finalize arrangements, he noticed an absolutely gorgeous black woman walking gracefully ahead of him, covered in jewelry with an exotic headdress, and he thought to himself, "This is what I'll be giving up by moving to a hick mid-west city, the diverse beauty one encounters in a cosmopolitan area. When he got up to the ticket counter she was right next to him, answering the agent's question about her final destination. It was the very same city he was returning to! My surprised client turned to her to ask: "Tell me, what's in that city for you, what's waiting for you there?", and she said, "Heaven". My guess is that he'll be very happy he listened to his inner guidance and what the world was telling him.

This summer, many people are in transition, figuring out they might belong somewhere else. They're getting into a more fitting place, or two places, or they're just trying to figure out where they do belong. It would probably be hard to see which way the wind was blowing until the end of July. The right position or place for you will let you know through positive signs and omens.

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