Friday, December 14, 2007

Paint By Number

Earlier this week I was in Paris on business being ferried from one meeting to the next and frustrated with the lack of time to take photos. Eventually I just stopped fretting and rolled down the window of the car and let motion, light (or lack thereof) and exposure enhance these images that are probably more interesting than your standard Paris street snapshots anyway:

The Eiffel Tower from the back seat of a slow-moving car.

Passing the Bois de Bologne at a pretty fast clip.

I used a very slow exposure in hopes that this building could wind up in the adjacent forest. It worked!

This ended up with a sort of watercolor effect or a Polaroid with the emulsion manipulated.

I really like this one and it could be enhanced a lot of different ways in Photoshop. But since all of these are the original image without any p-shop enhancements -- I left it alone in all its watercolored glory.

In the end it was much more fun sneaking these imagines from the backseat of the car.

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