Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tuesday Travel Flashback - Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Today's travel flashback is Christmas 2005. I was living in northern Italy for the year and unable to go home for Christmas. I spent the Christmas holidays going back and forth between Torino and Bologna, Lake Lugano in Switzerland, Nice and Istanbul. Although I prefer Christmas at home-- the holidays spent working and living in Europe had a very special magic all to their own. Italy and France celebrate the holidays with a spectacle of lights that are unprecedented. The lack of overt consumerism was also a very refreshing and welcome change for this Christmastime spent abroad.


kate said...

I can only imagine how refreshing it must be to be away from so much impersonal consumerism - it isn't easy to avoid it here anymore.

Rolando said...

It's a cool picture t.r. sorry you were not able to home for the holidays.

How is Istanbul? We planning to go there this year.

DianeSchuller.com said...

TR, thanks for stopping by. I only have a moment here but I too will return. This is a great photo ... I see more as I scroll down. You're quite the traveller -- see you again after the weekend!

Diane at Sand to Glass

Anonymous said...

I spent Christmas in Florence and Rome- you're right, it's lovely there during the holidays. Frosty nights with street musicians playing and roasted chestnuts for sale, the museums nearly empty of tourists, the cafes warm and cozy. I say that's the best time of year to travel.

It was 2005, too. Maybe we crossed paths!


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