Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year - Tuesday Travel Flashback

New Years Day 2006
Istanbul, Turkey
Today's Tuesday Travel Flashback takes us back to Istanbul where I celebrated the long New Year's weekend in 2006. Here during the New Year's holiday gifts are wrapped, be-ribboned and exchanged between friends and families much like we do during Christmas. The streets were filled with families going to and fro with brightly wrapped packages under their arms.

As the clock struck Midnight much earlier in the day - my friends and I, stuck mid-floor in an elevator at the Park Hilton Hotel, rung in the New Year cheek-to-cheek and butt-to-butt with no room to sip the champagne wedged between us. Fireworks filled the sky for hours after the year turned and we continued to celebrate both the New Year and our timely release from the elevator.

Our celebratory lunch spot (where black-eyed peas were not served much to my disappointment and concerns of a year of bad luck) was the perfect place to watch the crowds gather at the ferry port readying to sail up and down the coast for a visit to their families and friends on this warm winter's holiday.

Meanwhile, down on the quieter side of the pier this fat Istanbul cat sleeps off a New Year's hang-over from too much celebration. Hey, at least you weren't stuck in an elevator.

It would be nearly two more years before I became a serious birder. Otherwise, this unidentified gull launching from my friend's balcony on New Year's day would have been not only the first bird of the year but surely a lifer!

I wish you all a very Happy New Year and a fantastic 2008!


Crayons said...

Wow, the city of my dreams. What a stunning vision. I like the way the sequence goes from the vista to the particular. The story is fun to read, especially the part about the elevator. Happy New Year. I sense that 2008 harbors good surprises for you.

TR Ryan said...


AliceAnderson said...

While I'm always partial to beautiful photos of architecture, the photo of that kitty is wonderful! I can almost reach out and pet him. :)

Mary said...

Happy New Year, TR!

My Aunt and Uncle lived in Istanbul for two years. He was a boilermaker troubleshooter and moved their 7 children around the world four times. What a life. Istanbul was their favorite place of all. Your photos show just how beautiful it is.

Love that cat!

TorAa said...

Thanks for sharing these moments from Istanbul. The Cat is adorable. we allways take picture of Cats when we travel around. The good thing, is that the cats understand you where ever you are. Mieeeew.

Happy New Year

tongue in cheek said...

I could serriously live on your blog travelling through your photos!

TR Ryan said...

I am glad you all like the cat. I am a dog person myself but couldn't resist that pose.

TR Ryan said...

Corey (tongue in cheek), your intimate life is so breathtaking! Folks, check out her beautiful blog:


TR Ryan said...


Istanbul is one of my favorite cities in the world! Where else did they live?

Mary said...

TR, they lived in Instanbul for one year, Portugal for less than a year, Brazil for two years, then back over to Istanbul for another year. After seven years (from around 1963 - 1970) of moving a load of children around, they were back to the States and never moved again. My Aunt is an artist and sold many paintings in Europe.


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