Monday, March 17, 2008

When Bloggers Collide

Yours truly and the Motmot (of Drawing the Motmot fame)
photo by Motmot

Live From the Motmot, Monday afternoon:

Just chillin’ with my homey over here at the Rancho Motmot; TR came by for some liquid beetle juice. Nothing like cochineal on the rocks with a twist and a lifer black-and-white warbler to get your mojo going.

TR: “Motmot serves the best beetle juice in town and a wicked platter of wild birds and Zick dough

M: “Don’t forget the fresh mozzarella- I slaved nearly half an hour over that!”

TR: “Didn’t know you could get fresh mozzarella in Oklahoma- you’re about to embark on a third career- they’re going to be lining up to get their gums around this stuff”

M: “What exactly are you saying about Oklahoma dentistry, pal?”

TR: “My dentist is still in New Mexico”

After a fantastic afternoon of Oklahoma blogger buddy delight with the divine Miss M -- I am off to the grocery store for lard, corn meal, citric acid and rennet. Guess what I'm cookin'! Some little Carolina Wren is gonna to be happy in the morning.

Thank you Motmot for a delicious evening of cuisine, creatures and creativity. My right brain is zinging and I can still hear that sweet lullaby of amphibious chorus singing from your pond. Safe travels - I'll see you soon!
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