Friday, April 4, 2008

The Rip Tides of Travel - Madness in Maui

Rip Tide©T.R. Ryan 2008

Maui, Hawaii - The sea and I are nearly one today - both being ripped apart by the gravitational pull from the spin of the earth. I have just arrived to these Hawaiian islands after a transcontinental journey from Paris and this morning I seem to feel the entire rush of the world as it spins by - this is jet lag at its worst and the madness of motion in its finest moment.

The forces that pull at these island tides rushing and heaving them away from the shore show no mercy on my own inner tides. I swagger and sway as the full force of gravity pulses through my body - begging to follow these ocean currents out toward distant shores. I have traveled enough for today - the more distant shores must wait. I fear complete internal combustion looms -- and beg for my own full moon to stave this potent lunacy.
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