Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oklahoma Today - Bone Dust Cowgirls and My Backyard

Red geranium like Georgia paints but I still don't miss Santa Fe (yet)

A walk to the Paseo Arts Festival - resident art in a back apartment window. Were is the Bone Dust Cowgirl? A legend in the making.

Front view of Oak leaf Hydrangea I planted last fall.

Side view of Oak leaf Hydrangea - watch out cousin!!!

My dog Cimarron on perpetual squirrel watch
(Cimarron 1 - Squirrel 0)
She's named for the river of the same color that runs through Oklahoma in the west.

In my backyard grows an Indian Blanket, a native for sure, Oklahoma's state flower. Gallardia is the fancy name given to it ...and a millionaire suburb with suvs instead of trees.

A good year for downys - lots of hungry little ones. Yesterday so many protesting over my head and an empty feeder. I ran to the store and they mobbed the newly filled feeder. What kind of parent have I become? Pressures on.

Leftovers. Kids, the FDA recommends three servings of fruit a day. Clear your plate.

Shy cardinal on the fly - grab and go, no time to stay.

Lorene is in the backyard. That Bone Dust Cowgirl has nothing on her. She is an Oklahoma original and all woman. This bright, sassy one will not conform -- totally authentic and an inspiration on every level. A quiet hero with a big heart.

The quintessential BFF, Lorene and I went to the same high school, graduated from the same university, both majored in journalism, moved away after graduation and survived Dallas and Dayton. Now we live like strange artists -- trying to paint this red state blue. One brush at a time.

Returning home a year apart - after so many miles and years away -- what is this geographical pull too great to ingore? We wonder as we sit in backyards on warm summer nights and drink bad 3.2 Oklahoma beer, lament the local politics, and love this place that will always be home.
Happier than ever.

Some days I think there is no reason to ever leave the backyard!
(Except for art festivals and Bone Dust Cowgirls)
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