Sunday, September 7, 2008

Qi Gone

Qi - The Chinese word for vital life force

Some silly new age self-appointed guru once explained jet lag has the period of time it takes your soul to catch up to your body after a long airplane journey -- apparently the soul travels much slower than a Boeing 777. Unable to hide my intolerance for such metaphysical mumbo-jumbo, I laughed, really hard, at that preposterous idea. Until, that is, this past weekend when I woke my first day back home after six weeks in China. Now I am left wondering if somewhere in California a smarmy new age hippie is perhaps having the last laugh, at my expense.

The Chinese might explain the same concept with the word Qi, (pronounced chee). In traditional Chinese culture Qi represents the life force or energy of the universe that flows within each of us. Qi is what makes you feel alive and connected to the world. And when you've got really good vibrant Qi going on its kinda like Stella felt when she got her groove back. Its fantastic.

Qi Gong is the disciplinary practice of cultivating, enhancing and circulating Qi energy so that its abundant and working for your best good. And Qi Gone is what happens when your Qi goes with you to China and decides its not coming back when you finally board the flight home six weeks later. I am Qi-less - and as they say in the land of Oz - flat out like a lizard on a rock.

Apparently, my much needed Qi is still back in Beijing - last seen at the Temple of Heaven doing the rag dance. Being Qi-less is an excellent opportunity for perfecting the art of doing absolutely nothing -- but not so good for blogging.

Case in point - when I woke up that first morning - here is what my world looked like:

the Oklahoma sky on jet lag.

and my garden as seen with jet lag

my bird bath reflection as seen with jet lag

and the trees in the park as seen with jet lag

And that empty space between August 28 and September 6 - that's my blog on jet lag.

I took one look at all this blurry, moving beauty and decided to go to bed - for a week. But I'll be back soon - satellite intelligence has picked up a radio signal from my soul flying somewhere over the Nevada desert - so it should be arriving back to me in Oklahoma in no time. And about time too - I've got a little more China I want to show you and an upcoming "Blogger meets Blogger" Oklahoma road trip which should prove to be very birdy and very bloggy. And since we'll be driving - perhaps little risk of leaving the soul behind.

Stay tuned until this blogger gets his groove back.
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