Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Waiting for Change

The whole world waits for change today. We in the USA tend to forget that. And it's not just this onion seller in Nicaragua - it's the bus driver in Albania that lives on a few dollars a day; it's the graduate student at the University of Beijing on the forefront of change in her own country; it's the shaman living in a sheepskin yurt in a village in a little known kingdom who dedicates an entire blessing ceremony to healing OUR country.

I have met them all in the last few months and they are quick to remind me that what happens today is not just about you and me; not about our tax dollars; but about the possibilities of change that affects lives around the entire planet. Tonight, when you are watching the returns, remember that people in every single country in the world are watching with you - waiting for change too. It's been eight long years for all of us.

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