Monday, December 29, 2008

Like A Chinese Painting

Curl-Crested Aracari
Pteroglossus beauharnaesii

Photographed 20 November, 2008
Tambopata Forest Reserve
Madre de Dios, Peru
(Identification made by Alan T.C. Lee of the Tambopata Macaw Project)

A Cold Bird in A Snowy Tree
By Chen Jen, 1985
Painted in the style of Li Di (1100 -1191)

Art meets photography at


Chele said...

I need to send my mother your blog addy so she can check it out. She would love this entry.

mick said...

Great photo - and very much like a painting!

Kyle said...

Nice shot of the aracari for BPW! I also enjoyed reading your recent posts on your Peru trip. Sounds like a wonderful experience!

Mary said...

Exotic birds framed so nicely, Tim. Just lovely!


Arija said...

Great shot and I love the painting.
I love the (supposed) simplicity of Chinese painting.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a painting. What beauty you find out there in the world!

Kathie Brown said...

Love it when birds meet art and vice versa! I like that word, "Aracari".

Alexander Santillanes said...

Great comparison! I love how shots of the wild can sometimes meld into pattern like that. -X

Anonymous said...

Perfect for sure . . . and would be a great painting if painted!


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