Monday, June 28, 2010

Trip to Bountiful

Dee Nash is a woman I have admired for almost three years - ever since finding her extraordinary Oklahoma garden blog - Red Dirt Ramblings just weeks before moving back.  An artist of the first rate - Dee uses a canvas measured in acres rather than inches and for paint - she uses lilies and roses of the most extraordinary hues.  Her work is nothing short of a masterpiece.  Her magnificent garden is like a poem - an beautiful ode to the cross timbered hills and prairie lands of central Oklahoma suffused with a lilting English cottage accent.

I first met Dee in the comment section of her blog shortly after I found it.  She is a gifted writer who is incredibly generous with her words and her readers.  In a bold move two years ago - I knocked on her Facebook door and she let me in.  It's been fun watching her world unfold in photos and words and mutual friends that we both share from our years growing up in the same part of Oklahoma.  It's also been exciting watching Dee bloom from a local garden expert to a writer of a hard-earned and well-deserved increasing national prominence.

Last week, I walked out of the virtual world and knocked on Dee's real front door - some 20 miles from my own.  It was like seeing an old friend - smiles and hugs made timeless by the internet.  Say what you will about this strange virtual world we now live in -- but I have made some extraordinary acquaintances through electronic media that I treasure in real time - incredible people whose paths I would have not likely crossed otherwise -- and Dee is one of them.

Still Life with Annabelle
(Hydrangea aborescens 'Annabelle')

Come take a walk with me and marvel at the magnificent splendor of Oklahoma's most prominent garden writer -- and then come meet Dee at her award-winning blog where she so generously shares the fruits of her labor and enables us all to become better stewards of this place we call home.

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