Sunday, March 20, 2011

Waxing Cedars at the Selman Ranch

Cedar Waxwings - Selman Ranch
Harper County, Oklahoma
March 2010 ©trryan


Anonymous said...

Tim, that is beautiful. You have such a talent for capturing true beauty my friend.~~Dee

Unknown said...

I have never forgotten the day I stepped off my front porch to find the river birch full of plump, golden, masked invaders. It was magical. I stood absolutely still until they stripped the red cedar in my neighbor's front yard, and then they were off. Every year I hope to see them again. I think they're out there: the dogwood berries disappear overnight, the viburnum is stripped clean in an afternoon. The neighbor cut down his cedar, alas, and I think there may never again come a masked invasion of such magnitude. Still, I hope. Love the photo.

Kathie Brown said...



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