Friday, March 18, 2011

While Visions of Sugar Plums Dance in My Head

Wild plum blossoms - Wichita Mountains - Oklahoma - March 2011
I move, my soul goes flying,
I wake with a long sigh,
My pillow and my matting
Are the lost clouds I was in.
...And this is the way it always is with human joy:
Ten thousand things run forever like water toward the east.
-Shao Yong "Plum Blossom Poem"

There is perhaps nothing more divine
then the scent of wild plum blossom
perfuming the prairie wind
as winter's steady bleakness
reluctantly gives way to spring
rendering one breathless with fortune

As if just woken up from a long winter's nap

"As I was mulling over your astrological omens, I came across a short poem that aptly embodies the meaning of this moment for you.  It's by Richard Wright, and goes like this: 'Coming from the woods/A bull has a lilac sprig/Dangling from a horn.'  Here's one way to interpret this symbolic scene: Primal power is emerging into a clearing from out of the deep darkness.  It is bringing with it a touch of lithe and blithe beauty -- a happy accident." - Rob Brezny from Freewill Astrology

Wild Plum Blossoms
Spring in the Wichita Mountains
March 2011

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