Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Sacred Way

The Sacred Way - Bear Butte
Near Sturgis, South Dakota


Kathie Brown said...

TR, I want to go there NOW!

Ahtletsai Ama said...

I have spoken with several people from diverse tribes who have made the journey up this trail. They know exactly what they seek as each generation passes. They know where they stand when they make it to the bear's shoulder. Words cannot describe the spirit in the air. The yellow breasted bird that settles when you speak with him. The faces on your friends when they know they have arrived..... and it hits them. I am here. For the Cherokee, it is a waterfall, river or spring. For the Cheyenne and the Sioux it is a butte. For the Navajo, it is a mesa and for the Ojibwe, it is being lakeside. It is home. You stand with your ancestors across the vastness of time and you think the same thoughts. Let me sleep on the ground. Let me get close to you Mother. I want to smell the tobacco, cedar, sweetgrass and sage. At sundown we talk, at sunrise I know. Red is the East.

TR Ryan said...

Ahtletsai Ama - beautiful! Perfect to describe the place the day the time. Who are you?

Kathie Brown said...

TR, I agree! Ahtletsai, What words, what wisdom, what poetry!


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