Friday, January 25, 2013

Racing the Sun, Moon, Stars

Port Moresby - Papua New Guinea

It's always a kick to go someplace new, someplace exotic - especially in winter.  And it's even better when a client pays for you to go there!  After almost of five months of staying put and working from the home office - I am finally off again - descending to parts of the world I have never been before.

My travels in January and February will take me to Papua New Guinea, Borneo, Saudia Arabia and Morocco.  Let the adventures begin!  It's been great being home for five months - and I have come to anticipate and relish this time with my family and to enjoy exploring my beautiful state by the weekend's back roads.  But my soul is a gypsy soul and I am meant to be out there - moving across the earth - racing the sun, moon and stars to get to the next place.

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