Monday, July 1, 2013

it is the only way i know how to breathe

Grand River
NE Oklahoma
October 2010

how can you stand it
he said
the hot oklahoma summers
where you were born
this humid thick air
is choking me 
and i want to go back 
to new mexico.
it is the only way
i know how to breathe
an ancient chant
that my mother knew
came out of a history
woven from wet tall grass
in her womb
and i know no other way
than to surround my voice
with the summer song of crickets
in this most south night air.
oklahoma will be the last song
i'll ever sing.
- Joy Harjo


Unknown said...

Wonderful post however I was wondering if you could write a little more on this topic?

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Amazing architecture of this temple. I love this place I hope so in future i go there thank you so much for these picture.Nice pictures and nice blog.


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