Tuesday, October 29, 2013

speaking arabic in oman

Pomegranate Stand - Nizwa Souk
Nizwa, Oman

"I have an obsession with Arabic that comes, I suppose, from learning it as a second language.  Words are imbued with both elegance and logic, chiseled by their sense of having moved through time, history, and generations.  A beauty ensues, as words slowly unfurl their mysteries, shifting their meanings ever so gradually.  A richer language than English, Arab boasts a vocabulary that can convey any description in a single word"

- Anthony Shadid - House of Stone

Nizwa Fort - Oman

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Vickie said...

The people and places you get to experience! Your images of both are amazing! You make me feel like I've been there once and its time to visit again! Love you in the the turban.....


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