Saturday, March 8, 2014

climb a mountain to wash her spirit clean

Mouse Tank Trail
Valley of Fire - Nevada
©trryan - February 2014

This is my 83 year old cousin hiking with me on the Mouse Tank Trail in Nevada's Valley of Fire. In the words of John Muir - she likes to "climb a mountain to wash her spirit clean." 

She'll return from the hike with that backpack stuffed with plastic debris that only her eagle eyes can spot. She'll insist on driving the hour and a half back to her home and name the stars along the way. She has no use for the color purple or wearing a red hat; she says she might when she gets old.


Diana Studer said...

collecting plastic ... is something I think of, but don't do, yet.

Tate said...

Love your treatment of this image. Wonderful shot!


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