Tuesday, October 14, 2014

through the portal of time: jordan's ancient city of jerash

The Ancient Roman City of Jerash
toward the Syrian Border,  Jordan
October 2014
It was so unexpected to see this nearly intact Roman settlement rise up out of a remote, tranquil valley only 45 minutes from the bustling capital city of Amman.  Jerash is said to to be the most complete example of a provincial Roman city to be seen anywhere.

In its thousands-of-years lifespan, this spot has also been a Neolithic settlement, an Early Bronze Age village, and part of the Nabotean Kingdom. The founding of the city is sometimes attributed to Alexander the Great or to Ptolemy II. Emperor Hadrian wintered here in 129-130 AD. Its both ancient and legendary and a definite must see as part of any visit to Amman.

Check-out the rest of the photos in this 33 second slide show below:

Photographic montage of the ancient city of Jerash in Jordan

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