Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Living like Angelina - Voluntourism

In August 2002, I participated in two Earthwatch conservation programs in Kenya. The experience was both hard work and life changing. There was very little that resembled a vacation and yet nothing in my travels to date comes close to what I experienced there. The opportunity to work with scientists and conservation research projects fulfilled a childhood dream nearly forty years in the making. The opportunity to work with Kenyans as invited guests in their country, a country close to my heart, and to work together in partnership toward humanitarian and sustainable conservation improvements was unlike anything I could have imagined. If its something you've ever thought about - I encourage you to cash in your miles and your accumulated vacation time as soon as possible and get out there before you fall back into your old vacation habits. The depths of which your heart and soul are capable of reaching will surprise you. The real world out there is tougher than you can imagine and more beautiful than you could ever conceive.

For more information on my experience Earthwatch. I found this article on The Huffington Post that gives some pros and cons of Volunteer Vacations.

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