Monday, November 12, 2007

Tango Night at La Piazolla in Buenos Aires

In the tango every part of the body is used to express the emotion -- even the hands.

Perhaps nothing says Argentina more than tango music and tango dancing. Here they say that tango is the "vertical expression of a horizontal feeling" -- and after spending an evening watching very good tango -- I am now a believer.

Since cameras were not allowed, not to mention a flash, I had to take these images under poor lighting conditions and manipulate them later to better express the various moods of the evening.

all images©2007 t.r. ryan

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Cooper said...

I am fascinated by latin dancing. I have had this unexpressed (before now) desire to learn how to tango. The ability to use every part of your body to express emotion and passion is exhilerating to watch ... and to do it, must be amazing.


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