Sunday, December 9, 2007

Room With A View - December 9

Paris (and I'm not talkin' Texas)
Its time for "Room with a View" again which means "hooray" I am back to work and making money to fund my out-of-control birding habit. Now normally my view shots are not necessarily from my own room - otherwise I would be posting images of some of the finest parking lots, garages, garbage dumps and back-of-the-hotel alleys in the travel world.

Occasionally some front desk manager isn't paying attention and I get put in a room with a view like this: Nearly an arm's length away, is the famous Paris Opera house. And if I am not careful some belting diva will hit a really high note when she looks out sees me in my birthday suit.

It's just another day from the office here. Some days I do love my job. Now if I could just sleep!
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