Sunday, December 9, 2007

Room With A View - December 9

Paris (and I'm not talkin' Texas)
Its time for "Room with a View" again which means "hooray" I am back to work and making money to fund my out-of-control birding habit. Now normally my view shots are not necessarily from my own room - otherwise I would be posting images of some of the finest parking lots, garages, garbage dumps and back-of-the-hotel alleys in the travel world.

Occasionally some front desk manager isn't paying attention and I get put in a room with a view like this: Nearly an arm's length away, is the famous Paris Opera house. And if I am not careful some belting diva will hit a really high note when she looks out sees me in my birthday suit.

It's just another day from the office here. Some days I do love my job. Now if I could just sleep!


Anonymous said...

ooh La La, I love the view.
Throw open the window tomorrow morning and let out a big LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA to start your day!

Crayons said...

Hi TR,

It's bedtime in Wisconsin, so you must be up in a cafe having an espresso with four cubes of sugar. I'm so glad you did these in black and white. It emphasizes the sublimity (?) of the lines. OK, I've got to milk the cow.

Ed said...


I found your blog via Crayons. I've never been to Oklahoma, but your photos make me want to see it in person. Wonderful photographs, all of them.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you - you're in my favourite city! I really enjoy the photos you have posted (especially Paris). Enjoy your trip -- I look forward to seeing more photos.

Kate said...

beautiful, just beautiful... and using black and white instead of color is a piece of genius. These are photos I wish I'd have taken! ;)


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