Monday, December 10, 2007

The City of Lights.....On Caffeine

Paris, by night, in December should normally look something like this:

Where that famous Arc de Triumphe is nicely lit and the Champs-Elysses is lined with what looks like, to me, lilacs on fire. Or, better yet, even something like this:

from a fancy department store that fancies itself a church at Christmas time with stained-glassed windows. That's some holy shopping experience!

But because I don't like to use a flash and because I have long been a frustrated artist who suffers from that famous Leo-induced syndrome of "jack of all trades but master of none", I like to take my frustrations out at night with my camera and imagine myself an artist, after all, painting a palette, not with oils or pastels, but with light as my medium. And this is what you get, Paris on Caffeine!

And what that, folks, its time for bed!!!
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