Monday, December 10, 2007

The City of Lights.....On Caffeine

Paris, by night, in December should normally look something like this:

Where that famous Arc de Triumphe is nicely lit and the Champs-Elysses is lined with what looks like, to me, lilacs on fire. Or, better yet, even something like this:

from a fancy department store that fancies itself a church at Christmas time with stained-glassed windows. That's some holy shopping experience!

But because I don't like to use a flash and because I have long been a frustrated artist who suffers from that famous Leo-induced syndrome of "jack of all trades but master of none", I like to take my frustrations out at night with my camera and imagine myself an artist, after all, painting a palette, not with oils or pastels, but with light as my medium. And this is what you get, Paris on Caffeine!

And what that, folks, its time for bed!!!


Crayons said...

Quelle horreur. No, I like your LSD-inspired shots. I just don't like that stiff armour of lights on an otherwise beautiful facade.

Unknown said...

I actually really like these last three shots. Ive done several shots like that where it could easily look like abstract paintings. kudos!


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