Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday Travel Flashback

Normandy, France

The truth is -- I am only flashing back to yesterday but the American Cemetery at Normandy is a haunting but remarkable tribute to the American soldiers who died on the beaches there in World War II. Their bravery is really without comparison to anything I have ever seen or understood; its actually quite unimaginable and incomprehensible. For most, during those days of the beach invasion, they woke really expecting to die and proud to do so for their country. Those who lived to tell about it - their survival is nothing short of a miracle.


Crayons said...

Well said. I do remember my first visit to France at age 18. The names of streets and the plaques on the walls showed me that WWII actually happened on someone's street or in someone's field. Until then I saw it all in black and white from history books. It stopped me in my tracks. That cemetery must be a powerful place.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tee ~ over from the Pioneer Woman website ... I once travelled through a American cemetery in Belgium. The endless white crosses and markers moved me to tears... To see someone's son from Alabama buried here, wondering if anyone from his family could ever visit. Also most poignant the markers inscribed with "known but to God".

How exciting to be traveling so...
(esp. since you're missing some big "slick as snot" (quoted from PW) sleet and ice in Oklahoma)

Take care and have fun! corrie

stephanie said...

What a hauntingly beautiful shot. Nicely done, and a lovely piece to go with it.


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