Friday, January 11, 2008

Little Promises

I made a little promise to that legendary celeb JZ that I would find a winter lizard here in Hawaii - and quite frankly one does not turn down a mogul with the likes of that power, stature and influence.

You've obviously heard of JZ: nature mogul, award winning word smith, bird artist, rock star, blog ant, science chimp, feathernista , NPRsario and mether to jazz legend Chet Baker.

Forever hounded by the pupperrazi and Boston terrierists alike, her daily comings and goings have delighted, beguiled, bewitched and informed us. How many of us have nearly gotten fired from our workplace for uncontrollable outbursts of belly laughter w
hile reading her blog? If our adoration for her were turned into Grammys or Oscars -- her walls would be lined with gold. Her narrative style of writing is absolutely brilliant and her most recent book is an absolute joy to be treasured time and time again.

JZ, here's your lizard - the gecko of good luck in these islands. I hope it greens any bleak winter days ahead and reminds you of the promise of warmer days just around the corner.

If you haven't found Julie Zickefoose's (JZ) blog yet, I suggest you head over there right now! There is nothing better in the Blogworld. Get ready to learn, to laugh and to smile wider than you thought it physically possible.

Winter Lizards for JZ(c)TRRyan 2008

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