Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Today I post in celebration: to creation, to serendipity, to art, and to the friendships that form within the kinship of nature.

I met a fellow blogger today, a true renaissance woman and an artist of absolutely unfathomable talent. We, both Oklahomans for the moment, are drawn together by birds and blogs, the lure of distant places, and our deep connection to the natural world.

I don't ever remember being as overwhelmed by pure, raw, genius talent as I was today. Her sketches, drawings, prints and paintings inspire unbridled rapture. I am still reeling from the breathless, visual stimulation of her prolific creation and I am so grateful that she gave up her time today to share that with me. She has a keen eye for beauty and has created a life to match there in the cross-timbered hills of Oklahoma.

So to you maestro-- thank you so much for one of the most beautiful afternoons I've had in a long time and certainly the most fantastic afternoon since moving back. The color you bring to the world is a remarkable gift; the light you hold within is patient and kind.

I hope there is a little room on your canvas of time to sketch me in -- and I look forward to future adventures in the beautiful outdoors and rolling hills of our Oklahoma.

For those of you not already familiar with Debby Kaspari's work, take a moment to visit her website and feast your eyes on just a minuscule sample of what she can do. Her art is genius and her creativity knows no boundaries.

Also visit her very creative blog, Drawing the Motmot.


Photo: Harbor Seal photographed at Tracy's Arm Sound on the Inside Passage, Alaska (c) 2003, trryan


Anonymous said...

How fortunate you are to have met her. What an unforgettable experience. Anyone who can create art like that must have magic in their eyes!

TR Ryan said...

When Joseph Campbell writes about "following your bliss" - that's what Debby does every moment, it seems.

Kerith Collins said...

this is a great picture!

tj said...

...Beautiful & your post so eloquently written... :o)

Autumn said...

Wow, what a beautiful tribute to her. Your writing evokes so much emotion. To follow your bliss. That is a fabulous thought, now if only I could figure out what my bliss is, that would be great.
The picture is just stunning too, I thought for sure you would tell us all about it!

Anonymous said...

I'm all verklempt...TR, you are much too kind!

TR is a treasure and I'm delighted to have found such a great new friend.

I love the beautiful enigmatic image- please tell us more about it!

Anonymous said...

Did you use a professional seal for this shot? My seal pics, taken on a day trip from Valdez, didn't render such a great image as yours.

Your writing is so good. I did wander over to her website and she does beautiful art.

Campbell's writings are bliss!

The Park Wife said...

Thanks for a heads up on Debby. Beautiful stuff!

The Park Wife

TR Ryan said...

The story of the photo: Taken a few years ago while working for a week on an Alaskan Cruise in the Inside Passage in a bay called "Tracy's Arm". This one of a few Harbor seals that would pop-up out of the water onto the ice and gaze languidly at the passengers up on deck.

It was just an ordinary seal shot taken with a compact digital on a flat, milky, gray day. Yesterday, Ree at www.thepioneerwoman.com posted some photo shop tips for photos taken on days just like this and I applied them to this old image. It took all of five minutes to bring this seal to life.

Natalie said...

I love the imagery of your words and your photo's, as always thank you for allowing us to see the world through your eyes.

Unknown said...

Oh I love that seal! It sounds like you had a great experience meeting a fellow blogger. Someday I hope to meet one!

Julie Zickefoose said...

Whootywhoot! TR meets DK! A moment in cyberhistory. Isn't it wonderful when the brick-and-mortar person lives up to cyberbilling? I'm thrilled for both of you. Creative Oklahomans, unite.

Crayons said...


This is a lovely post. I admire your economy of words -- not an easy feat when one is feeling effusive. I agree that her work speaks of joy.

I'm not sure if I'm up to meeting fellow bloggers. You are brave.

PS: the photo is magical

Blue Mermaid Cafe..... said...

I love the picture of the seal, it is wonderful. I will have to check out her site.
I am very impressed with your site. You are a wonderful writer. xoxo Nita

Mary said...

Tim - feeling a bit uninterested in blogging lately (cough cough) I wanted to visit a few "I like TR, let's see what he's up to..."

So cool you met a blogger! I've never met one - been blogging for a year now. And you met an incredible artist who is a fellow Oklahoman! What a highlight for you. Green with envy here.

kostas said...

Too much well worked the photograph, splendid colours with beloved subject.

monsoon dreams said...

i am speechless,just visiter her site.what a talent!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant website, I had not come across www.trryan.com before during my searches!
Carry on the great work!


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