Saturday, February 7, 2009

Prairie Magic

Sunrise at Selman Ranch in Woodward County, Oklahoma

I am constantly asked how I could leave Santa Fe after 15 years of living in the magnificent high desert splendor of New Mexico and move back to my home state of Oklahoma. I can sum it up quite simply in two words - family and geography. Family is easy for most to understand - but talk of my love of the geography of this state often leaves friends perplexed. Flat, boring Oklahoma? Ha! I've decided to let you in a little secret we have here by showing you.

Debby's inauguration as an official "Okie" is celebrated with an entire fried chicken and basket of fried okra Friday at Eischen's Bar in Okarche.

My good friend and fellow blogger Debby Kaspari of "Drawing the Motmot" is the featured artist of the upcoming Woodward Lesser Prairie Chicken Festival and I could not pass up her invitation last week to join her on a reconnaissance mission to the world of lesser prairie chickens and a chance to finally visit ardent conservationist Sue Selman and the infamous Selman Ranch nestled in prime prairie chicken habitat.

I'm in a mad dash to get to the other side of the world right now. So I leave you with these images of the vast and stunning geography of my beloved Oklahoma. For the summing up - please see Debby's eloquent post and tribute to Sue Selman - a modern day hero and Oklahoman who works tirelessly to save these magnificent prairie lands and the rich biodiversity that also calls this place home.

If you think you are seeing images of snow and frost in some the photos down below - think again. Sand? Nope. Guess again, this very tasty answer can be found at Drawing the Motmot.

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