Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Top of the Morning from the Land Down Under

Greetings from Summer! How nice it is to be on the wrong side of the world in the middle of winter. I am working and dodging wet season raindrops in Port Douglas, in the far northeastern part of Australia.
After a quick, effortless 36 hour travel day that included brief stops in Denver, San Francisco and Sydney - I woke up to this murky full moon descending just as the sun was rising up out of the Coral Sea. Dueling rain showers north and south called to mind Prince and his purple rain - music to my eyes.

I really can't complain about the view from the office - delicious raspberry toned clouds floating against a bright, blue sky sprinkled on the edges with palm trees. Pinch me. So what if its 5:45 am. I ran down to the beach to see what daybreak might reveal.

Rainbow bee-eaters! Eureka!!! Hosting IATB last month - I met and fell in love with bee-eaters here. I could not believe my good fortune! Not a soul in sight and a beach full of rainbow bee-eaters!

And solemn tides lapping gently

remnants of the waves having already meet the Great Barrier Reef that lies just distant

and rivulets rushing in from the rainforests of Daintree

at this place where the jungle meets the sea

other feathered friends had come and gone.

but not the insect-hawking rainbow bee-eaters!

Time to put the camera down and marvel at those elongated tail feathers...

and the tropical splendor of this amazing place...

where the only footprints for miles around are mine. And I wonder why...

but not for long!

Queensland, Australia
Home to rainbow bee-eaters and empty beaches and box jellyfish
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