Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Life Aquatic - Urban Kayaking in Oklahoma City

Perhaps its a odd for a fire-breathing Leo to find no greater sense of joy and peace than when on the water in some capacity. Any capacity. Swimming, floating, sailing, fishing and....kayaking

Not sure there is anything more magnificent than being on the water in a kayak.

Floating among the clouds in liquid rhythm

"Beauty is stacked three deep and it is difficult to find the bones beneath all this pleasant padding."
Bill G. - From the fantastic blog Dragongate while sailing on the ship "Amazon"

Cutting through soft water in a silent glide and for a one with nature

“ He taught me.... how to sense the spirit in discrete things, the shards of the seemingly impossible that glitter beyond the edge of imagining.” ‘Sweeter than the world.’ by Rudy Wiebe.

Reflecting on just about anything

or nothing at all

The Life Aquatic - right here in Oklahoma

Who says New Mexico has the market on sunsets?

Sunset - Lake Hefner, urban Oklahoma City.

Another reason why I love Oklahoma!

For more information on kayaking in OKC - check out the folks at OKC Kayak - they provide the kayaks every Tuesday night at Lake Hefner. Sign-up at their website.

Celebrating SkyWatch Friday - right here in Oklahoma
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