Saturday, September 24, 2011

Riding the Milky Way on the Edge of Dawn

Altocumulus clouds  over the southern Utah desert as seen above from seat 6E

About the Photograph:

This otherworldly photo was shot with my Iphone on 9-24-11, as the sun was rapidly setting behind the plane, from seat 6E on American Airlines flight #1528 from San Francisco to Dallas.  The photo was processed using Instagram. 


Blue Hill Escape said...

Evocative. In a way the title makes the photo.

Charla said...

Your photographic talent/ability is truly renowned!!! BUT, I can't decide which makes me more jealous - your ability to take these unbelievably beautiful photos with your phone or the fact you get to ride first class on American :>) Only teasing - not jealous at all. Just proud to proclaim you my friend.

Charla said...

Your genius/talent as a photographer is renowned. But I can't decide which makes me more jealous, your ability to make these unbelievable photos with your phone..................... or the fact you're riding First Class in American. Ony kidding! I'm very proud to have such a talented person as my friend. Safe journeys and lots of photo opportunities, Mr. Tim.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Nice work, Petit Prince.


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