Thursday, January 31, 2013

Turning 100 in Borneo

Brunei River between Brunei and Malaysian Borneo

We're running the river in one of the ubiquitous long boats toward an Iban longhouse when the local guide non-chalantly mentions that the right bank of the river was Malaysian Borneo.  Little did he know in that moment that he had unwittingly brought me to my 100th* country - Malaysia.  I whipped out my i-phone and marked the occasion with this blurry image that would otherwise never make the blog, then dipped my hand in the water and doused my face with the Malaysian side of the river - just to make it official.  Here's a shout-out to the first five: starting in 1985 with the Bahamas followed in 1987 by England, Japan, Egypt and China; and my last five countries: Czech Republic, Wales, Papua New Guinea, Brunei, and Malaysia.  And here's to all the traveler's tales in-between!

*Following the list of the Traveler's Century Club 


Unknown said...

Borneo sounds amazing. Love this post!

Check out my own awesome travel blog if you can :)

Skip Hill said...

Hey, Just saw this and thought of a river raft ride in northern Thailand 1988. You captured the moment with your post. I can feel the heat, the humid moisture, the bugs and the thrill you felt at the realization of touching new soil.

Blue Hill Escape said...

Well Done Tim. You've done photographic justice to many of those countries along the way. What about South Africa?!


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