Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Poetry in Motion

Hello again. I've been in a two week catatonic stupor induced, I imagine, from a work schedule that has crisscrossed four continents in eight weeks. I've just had the last two weeks off and I have done...absolutely....nothing but stare into space. Its been glorious but not so good for blogging. I have not even taken a photograph.

I am leaving for Beijing in a few days and I will be gone for nearly two months. So, I have been savoring every single minute of my first summer back in Oklahoma which will end suddenly next Tuesday when I wing my way across the Pacific to work the Summer Olympic Games. In these past two weeks I have been present and accounted for every tangerine prairie sunset, every bloom coming and going on ever flower in my garden -- I have not missed a minute of the summer life that goes on in my little backyard. I revel in barefoot splendor watching the grass and the sunflowers grow everyday. In these two weeks I've worked diligently trying to eat an entire summer's worth of vine-ripened tomatoes, watermelon, cucumbers, okra, purple-hulled peas, banana peppers, and sweet corn washed down with a couple of gallons of sun tea flushed with the mint from my garden. In the next six weeks that follow I won't be able to recognize what I am eating and when I return -- summer will be all but over.

Where did we leave off, oh yes, somewhere between Rio de Janeiro and Iguacu Falls in Brazil. Since deep thoughts and the words required to form them still escape me, I thought I would let these photos of Iguacu Falls speak for themselves. The last two weeks have been a sort of blissful poetry with no motion. But its time to get moving. So I leave you with the poetic grandeur of Iguacu. Remember to click on the image to really see it and don't miss the fantastic butterfly at the end -- it's see-through. A see-through butterfly -- glasswing I believe is the name - a little souvenir for my favorite butterfly collector - Doug at Gossamer Tapestry.


Louise said...

Very nice pictures, espsecially the butterfly. But your past two weeks sound blissful. Glad you could enjoy that before the whatever-it-is-you'll-be-eating in China!

Doug Taron said...

Thank you for the souvenir. Yes, it is a glasswing. There are about a bazillion different species of glasswing- I won't try to determine which one yours is. I once causgt one in Peru where the clear areas were still translucent, but yellow rather than clear.

The waterfall photos are amazing. I think my favorite is the one just above the double rainbow. Have fun in China.

kjpweb said...

Very beautiful and truly beyond words. Have a good Olympic experience!
Cheers, Klaus

Pat - Arkansas said...

Thanks for the beautiful photos, T.R. The glasswing butterfly is amazing; if I didn't know that such a thing existed, it would be easy to believe my eyes were playing tricks.

I wish you a safe journey to Bejing, and enough wonderful photo-ops to make the trip a success.

When you get back, it will still be summertime (well, almost) in S.E. Arkansas. You need to come over here to recharge your batteries.

Have fun; take care.

P. Ollig said...

Glorious photos, T.R. Simply glorious!

Have fun at the games! And be sure to attend one of the fencing matches for me. I used to do a bit of that myself and have always dreamed of watching an olympic match. They never show them on TV. Damn you, NBC!

Barry Moses (Sulustu) said...

As usual, I love your pictures. Keep of the great posts.

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is where are you getting all those fresh veggies, your not holding out on your sister are you!!!!

Lana Gramlich said...

I wonder if the water is as refreshing as it appears.
Lovely butterflies!
I'm kind of saddened by your life of travel. It seems like you just GOT home & now you're off again. I don't think I could be so...migratory, myself. But to each their own. Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

A glasswing butterfly. You have made my day. You work too hard, my friend. At least you've had time to savour a small part of the summer. Enjoy the games!

b+ (Retire In Style Blog) said...

Absolutely glorious! Summer grass barefooted and Beijing all in the same summer. Could life be any better.


Mary said...

Dear Tim,

I'm so glad you immersed yourself into your habitat before leaving again. Dizzying schedule you have... I understand. Many of us are struggling to keep blogging. But you, my dear, do a commendable job of treating us to glimpses of your life. I envy your world view but - the homecomings are so sweet. Right?

I will miss you and remember you in Beijing this summer.

Be safe.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for showing us the grandeur of a REAL waterfall. That's one I would love to tackle, artistically at least. You've put a serious must-go place on my travel list.

Have a great time in Beijing! We'll look forward to your exclusive reports!

Crayons said...

Hi TR,
The time in the garden sounds divine. Doing nothing is something that almost everyone forgets to do.

These photos of waterfalls are awe inspiring. I feel so small.

Have a safe trip. May your eyes be filled with all beautiful colors.

poefusion said...

You weren't kidding- Poetry In Motion. Wow, these are some wonderful pics. I love the water so these falls naturally draw me in. That is the coolest butterfly, too. Glad you have had a chance to recuperate and enjoy your quiet time. Sounds like you have a nice garden growing. Have a nice day.

Be back to read more later.

Nova said...

good job here.. you have a great picture for the friday... that enlightens my day once again...

See yah!!!Happy Friday...


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