Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Big O By Night

The Bird Nest, National Stadium, Olympic Green, Beijing

Finally, this thing called the Olympic Games is almost on autopilot and that means two things: more than three hours of sleep a night and time to enjoy the occasional event.

My first outing: a trip to the Olympic Green to the see the famous "Bird's Nest", "Water Cube" and the Men's 200m Butterfly starring Michael Phelps.

The ladies got into the action too with a little 200m Freestyle.

The National Aquatic Center or "Water Cube" is an architectural feat with a design based on the natural form of soap bubbles. It's a stunning venue.

Architecture aside, the highlight of the evening was watching Michael Phelps compete in the 200m Butterfly. That man is a machine. I think, perhaps, even the Chinese were rooting for him. There he is, lane 4, Team USA.

Reflecting pools are everywhere.

And the "Bird's Nest'' at night is spectacular.

Home to the Opening Ceremony and the upcoming Athletic events.

You know me and night time photography - I just can't let the thing sit there.

The Olympic Games are definitely "Made for TV" - hope you are enjoying it!
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