Friday, October 31, 2008

Chasing the Sun

Another sunset. This one on the Albanian coast. I watch from a seaside perch on a distant hill as the sun sinks into the Adriatic Sea gilding ancient ruins into lost cities of gold.

This is my time of travel; four continents in just a few weeks. I am up for the task – there is so much of this world to take in and to feel; I am a willing participant.

I realize today's sunset is tomorrow's sunrise in the next place this journey takes me. With mission accomplished I speed across the skies like a wayward Apollo chasing the sun to the next port of call.

Arriving in time to catch the next one rising or falling as the tilt of the earth demands.

I have crossed so many latitudes and longitudes I have no concept of time. I now measure my days in sunset and sunrises.

From the frozen steppes of Asia to the balmy shores of Europe; I flinch - this world is so damn magnificent. Tomorrow I journey yet again -- to the in between place; between continents, between hemispheres - always chasing the sun.

Today's SkyWatch is from Albania
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