Sunday, November 9, 2008

Power to La Gente

La Gente - the people.

Nicaragua is a place of extreme contradiction - unfathomable beauty juxtaposed against unconscionable poverty. Despite Nicaragua's terrestrial richness - its greatest natural resource is definitely its people - La Gente. It has been extraordinary getting to spend the last ten days with some of the kindest, gentlest people on the planet.

I've been here on a photography mission with Empowerment International -- an incredible organization dedicated to eradicating poverty through the empowerment that education endows.

I'll be talking much more about Nicaragua, E.I. and their project Villa Esperanza when I get back to the states in a few weeks. For the moment, I leave you with the people of Nicaragua -- they are incredible. They also have a very important election today. Here's hoping the power of the people prevails today.

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