Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bent on an Errand of Madness

"What is true is that man has a power, literally beyond his comprehension, to destroy....

The lethality of some of what he manufactures, the incompetence with which he stores it or seeks to dispose of it....
the cavalier way in which he employs in his daily living substances that threaten his health, the leniency of the courts in these matters...

and the treatment of open land, rivers, and the atmosphere as if, in some medieval way, they could still be regarded as disposal sinks of infinite capacity....

makes you wonder, standing face to in the wind, if we weren't bent on an errand of madness.

The geographies of North America, the myriad small landscapes that make up the national fabric, are threatened -- by ignorance of what makes them unique, by utilitarian attitudes, by failure to include them in the moral universe, and by brutal disregard" (from Barry Lopez - About This Life).

In a state made famous for demanding its residents hold to a strict moral code - I stand here in these killing fields of western Oklahoma and ask... by what mad reasoning, by what blood thirsty, monstrous god do you define your moral universe? I want no part of it.
My friend and I encountered these five coyotes strung up on a short stretch of barbed-wire fencing on Highway 34 going north from Woodward toward Boiling Springs on Friday, January 23 in Woodward County, Oklahoma . On further inspection - we noticed each of the coyotes jaws had been wired shut and each had been hung on the fence by a special cut along the ligaments of the ankle - indicating they had been hung alive. Some of the coyotes also had foreign objects shoved into their mouths.
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