Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Got Geophagy?

Got Geophagy? I see some dirt crumbs still left on your plate! In celebration of Parrot Month at the highly esteemed and much beloved website "10,000 Birds" - my next post on my recent Amazonian adventures is there. Check-out my encounters with clay-eating psittacines, venomous snakes, dangerous spiders and more multicolor birds than you could possibly imagine in one post. "Licking Clay" recaps more adventures and more macaw photography from my recent time working with Alan Lee and the Tambopata Macaw Project as an Earthwatch volunteer in the Peruvian Amazon last November.

"I first read - in amazement - about the clay licks at Tambopata some years ago, and I’m delighted that Tim Ryan (who blogs at From the Farway, Nearby) has been good enough to provide a profusely-illustrated account of his visit to Tambopata as a volunteer last year. “One of the ornithological highlights” on the planet? Reading Tim’s account and looking at his (and the Tambopata Macaw Project Alan Lee’s) photos I think that’s definitely a justifiable claim…"
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