Thursday, April 16, 2009

When I Grow Up - I Wanna Be Chet Baker

Hello World!  My name is Hugo Stone Quintanar and I am very happy to be making my blog debut.  I live with my two dads on 80 square feet of high desert Rocky Mountain scrubland.   And yes I am many-named just like the most famous dog in blogdom - but more on that in a minute.  Despite my canine propensity -- I am a Leo and for the moment it is all about me and my impossibly floppy ears.

This is my serious side - am I not ridiculously beautiful!  I thought you might agree.  I have butterfly ears and I am very proud.

Here is my playful side.  Do not hate me because I am beautiful.

And here I am appearing to be contemplative.  Actually I am passing gas - but with good manners you can convince humans of anything.

I live in a very confusing world.  People insist on calling me a Boston Terrier - but I have never been to Boston and have no immediate plans to go.  I think this portends a lack of major insight on the human species. Not to mention that we once had a president who called all bad people Terrierists and no one corrected him. "We are at war with the Terrierists".  Yeah, not a good name to have these days.   In fact, I prefer to be thought of as just a Santa Fe dwelling, high desert doggeh - through and through.

Being raised a good New Mexico Catholic dog, I have a god-daddeh and he's a bloggeh and his picture is on the right side of the blog you are reading.  Yep, that's him.  He's the best god-daddeh in the whole world and I love him for many reasons.  One is that he lets me lick his entire face without complaint and allows the occasional French kiss.  Two - he has an in with the two most beautiful girls in the world and seems convinced an arranged marriage is possible with....

the Licker Sisters - have you ever seen anything more beautiful or goddesses so divine?  With a little luck - in two weeks god-daddeh promises to have a prepuptial agreement for marriage with one or both of the Licker Sisters.  I guess it's a good thing I like older women.   Hubba hubba! Good luck in West Virginia God-daddeh, I hope Mary's view on puppeh love is the same as yours!

Hey! wanna know the real reason my god-daddeh TR is unbelievably cool?  - in less than two weeks he's going to meet my hero, the most famous doggie in all of blogdom - that's right Timmeh is going to meet - oh my gosh - I get chills just saying his name.....the one, the only, the incredible...

.......fabulous Baker Boy - Chet Baker Zickefoose Thompson!  Ohhhh Wow!!!!  I bow wow to you Chet Baker and I do SO want to be you when I grow up!

Blog star, centerfold, advertising mogul that's the dog I wanna be!!!!!  He da man!  

Oh but god-daddeh says I need a lot of work before I even come close to being Chet Baker when I grow up.  During his short visit to Santa Fe this week - he put me through a Chet Baker training course.

First up, chasing rabbits - but we substituted with cats.  Baker loves the bunnehs. Hugo loves the kittehs....same, same, only different weapons at the end of their feet.

And like The Baker, I mean business when I am in hot pursuit of furr-balls on four legs! Grrr....

I'm gonna get you kitteh - I've got to pass my Baker training course with flying colors and googly eyes.

The Baker says, unequivocally, you gotta know when to hold 'em --

and know when to fold em!!!  

But God-daddeh says The Baker would not have backed off so easily from a knife-wielding furr-ball.  I think I'm just smart!

The real key to success is being faster than the kitteh.

And now I will go into my superdog routine to impress The Baker

flying faster than a speeding bullet

jumping higher than a hollyhock...

is this superdog or superhorsey?  God-daddeh says I look like a dressage lesson gone bad or something you would ride up and down on a merry-go-round, anyway I cleared the tulips, flowers intact.  Wouldn't Baker have done the same!

If part of being Baker when you grow up is learning to love the outdoors - then count me in.  I love the wilderness and I am a hiker in more ways than one!

God-daddeh is teaching me to bird watch - just like The Baker.  Baker comes from a very famous bird watching family and if I don't learn my birds - I can never be Chet Baker when I grow up.

Actually Kenn, I disagree - the ear coverts are all wrong,  the lores bear further examination, the flank is too thick, and if you compare the tertials against the wing-bars and the primaries along side the under tail coverts it becomes quite evident that this is in fact a text book example of Columbia livia

Wawawawait God-da-daddeh - I see the best bird of all - the blue bird; fat, round, ground nesting and irresistible.

I must 'neak up on it with all my concentration.

Drat!  Foiled again by the human's incessant need to constantly propel things into the air for their own apparent amusement.

I am determined that bird will be all mine.  And I will test your endurance with a game of patience.  I am stoic - and I have a lovely lower overbite which will distract you with its irresistible cuteness and then...

that damn bird is all mine.  Silly humans - you will never win!

Next up in Baker training - animal impersonations.  This is my baby seal.  Again, please don't hate me because I am beautiful and adorable.

This is my weasel pose - it scares the kittehs every time.

Part of being like Baker someday - is learning to go on safari and stalk and destroy stuffed animals in the wilds of the human domain.

here is Chet Baker in his finest moment.  

God-daddeh - I bring you one dead bear.  Do you think The Baker would be proud?  Yes, Hugo - I do.  I think you are well on your way to being famous in blogdom just like Chet, maybe in another ten years.

Look! I've even almost got my ears to stand up Like The Baker.  Do you think I am as cute as The Baker?  Yes, no doubt you are cute Hugo but you have another 100 or so Baker-like poses yet to master.

Chet Baker - I wuv you.  And I want to be you.  It's all I think about.  I can has Chet Baker!

Bloggers Note:  In my travels I've had the opportunity to meet some remarkable people - celebrities, legends, world leaders, ambassadors, presidents, prime ministers, kings and yes a queen or two- but nothing compares to the opportunity I will have in exactly two weeks in West Virginia when I finally get to meet the most famous doggeh in the world - Chet Baker.  It promises to be a defining moment in my life.  I can't wait!!!  Here's to you Chet Baker! 

Photos of Chet Baker - pinched from Julie Zickefoose without approval
Photos of the Licker Sisters stolen from Mary's View with zero consent
Photos of Hugo - compliments of his talent agent
Need a Chet Baker look-alike for your next party - hire Hugo, now booking; operators standing-by!!!
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